Monday, April 17, 2017

Marketing Fails You Can Avoid Using Social Media on the Go

If you’re a social media manager who’s ever had to work away from a computer you know what kind of grim nightmare that is. Fumbling between apps on your phone while trying to make sense of different conversations and message streams is a maddening kind of hell that you wouldn’t wish on your most loathed competitor.

Luckily there’s the Hootsuite mobile app, which makes it easy to schedule, publish, and monitor social media conversations across multiple networks from anywhere. And the app’s latest features—which include the ability to edit and approve scheduled messages—can save you from some of the most common marketing fails. Do any of the following sound familiar?

“I just took this hilarious photo, but if I share it now in the middle of the night no one will see it. WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE HATE ME??!”

You took the photo late at night, but that doesn’t mean you have to post it when only a handful on insomniacs will see it. Schedule it for the best times to post on social and get more engagement.
Or if you’d simply like a more convenient way to space out your social messages, you can use the app’s auto scheduling feature.

“Man, I did an awesome job scheduling that Instagram post today. Oh no… I forgot the caption.”

With this realization your commute becomes a race against time. Will you get to a computer to update the post before it gets published?
If you have the Hootsuite app on your phone there’s no need to panic. You can now edit your scheduled messages from anywhere. Get things done on the bus like a boss!

“The intern says he’s lined up some dope Tweets for the evening. But I don’t trust anyone who uses ‘dope’ in a professional setting.”

You don’t need to trust your intern to let him go wild with Hootsuite’s scheduling feature. If you have the latest version of the mobile app and you’re a business or enterprise Hootsuite user, you can remotely approve or reject messages drafted by team members. And if a change does need to be made, you can make it yourself. No need to call the office and dictate your edits to poor dopey Eric over the phone.

“My boss just sent me an email asking if I would respond to a new Facebook comment. But I’m already at the beach drinking a crantini out of a Slurpee cup.”

Don’t start brushing the sand off your backside just yet. With the Hootsuite mobile app you can easily monitor and respond to comments on Facebook from wherever your travels may take you. So chill (on the beach) and let your customers know you appreciate their support and business. Now cheers yourself for a job well done.

“Is it @lizscott? @elizabethscott? @elizabeth_scott? I can never remember…”

Normally it’s a fool’s errand trying to recall a client’s username to tag them in a post from your phone. But with Hootsuite new predictive @mentioning feature it’s easy to save time @mentioning users on Twitter and Instagram, and engaging Facebook Pages.
Give your favorite client a shout-out from the conference floor and build some brand awareness of your own.
And those are only some of the features included in the latest version of the Hootsuite mobile app. Try the app for yourself to discover all the benefits of doing social faster and more efficiently on the go.

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