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Pinterest Statistics That Matter to Your Business

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Pinterest is not simply a network for spreading information, but one geared towards action. Users flock to the site to find ideas for cooking, wearing, decorating, building, creating, and—most importantly for your business—buying. 
Pinterest is a top resource for shoppers looking for that perfect product or gift, and your brand needs to be there. To get the most out of Pinterest you need to make sure you know exactly who you’re targeting and why.
To help you out, we’ve put together a list of Pinterest statistics so that you can strengthen your marketing strategy. Continue reading to learn what they are—and why they matter.

Pinterest user statistics

Pinterest has more than 150 million monthly active users

There’s no doubt about it—Pinterest is growing. In September 2015, Pinterest reached100 million users. Now, one year later, the site boasts over 150 million users. If you’ve been wondering whether your business needs to be on Pinterest, these numbers alone should be your answer.
With this substantial user base, there’s a good chance that your brand has a ready and willing community on Pinterest. People generally visit Pinterest to either solve a problem or get inspired, so ensure your brand is doing at least one of these two things.

80 million Pinterest users live outside the U.S.

Over half of all Pinterest users, and 75 percent of brand new signups, are from outside of the United States.
While it’s tempting to create content with an English-speaking audience in mind, it’s obviously important to ensure what you’re sharing is internationally accessible. As you create shareable content for your social media and online business channels, make sure that you are not overlooking cultural “norms” you could include to make your content more widely applicable.
Think about whether the clever pun or tagline you’re using will only be understood by those within your culture, and consider ways you can incorporate culturally neutral content across all of your networks.
Another aspect to think about is the reference to seasons or seasonal campaigns. Your summer might be someone else’s winter, so make sure you aren’t alienating huge portions of your audience with these types of easily-avoidable missteps.

84% of people use Pinterest across multiple devices

When thinking about your own social media use, it’s probably clear that mobile is paramount. User patterns on Pinterest are no different: 84 percent of users access the site across multiple devices, with over 75 percent of Pinners using Pinterest on mobile devices.
Users aren’t just using Pinterest on their mobile devices to pass the time, but for dedicated research. A whopping 67 percent of Pinterest users consult the site on mobile devices while shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. These consumers are checking for prices, reviews, and ideas based on what is being shared on Pinterest.
For any business looking to make their content mobile-friendly, Pinterest explains it’s “important for retailers to add high quality, impactful Pins that help people understand how the product works, why it’s a must-have and how else they can incorporate it into their lives.” Make sure this information is easily discoverable with clear and organized Pinterest boards.

67% of Pinners are under 40-years-old

While age is just a number, there are some occasions when a message needs to be tailored for a general age group. Keeping this in mind, note that 67 percent of Pinterest users are under the age of 40—a 27 percent jump from 2015.
To target this age group, consider how they (generally) use social media. Keep in mind that specific tactics will not work for everyone within distinct age groups as every individual is different, but do take note of certain patterns. The best way to do this is to conduct testing through classic trial and error.
Post a Pin or share a Repin, and use Pinterest Analytics to see which age groups respond and engage with your content. Once you have this information, you’ll have what you need to successfully plan and run future campaigns.

Male users have grown 120% in the past year

The number of disgruntled marketers I hear declaring “Pinterest is just for women” is astounding. Hopefully, the above Pinterest statistic can help defy this mind-boggling attitude. If you’re looking to specifically target men, Pinterest is a good place to be. In one year alone, male signups have risen by a whopping 120 percent. Men are, in fact, Pinterest’s fastest growing demographic, with males accounting for 40 percent of new signups.
One reason for this could be Pinterest’s 2015 introduction of a more targeted search feature, Guided Search. When users search for terms such as “watch” or “shoes,” they can now specify the results they want according to gender.  
According to TechCrunch, male Pinterest users “are favoring searches related to categories like apparel, technology, travel, gardening, recipes, gadgets, design, luxury cars, tattoos, and camping.”

Pinterest for business statistics

87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest

If there’s any Pinterest statistic you walk away with today, let it be this one: 87 percent of users cite Pinterest as the reason for buying a certain product. Not only that, but 93 percent of Pinners have used the site to plan for a future purchase.
These numbers are significant, and indicate the need for brands to be on Pinterest. Online commerce is growing at five times the rate of retail overall, and Pinterest is the place to work with this growth.
Even if you don’t have a huge following at the moment, Pinterest users are 47 percent more likely to be introduced to new brands than users on other social media platforms.
To showcase your product or brand on Pinterest, Promoted Pins (Pinterest’s version of ads) are the way to go. Learn more about how advertise on Pinterest in our complete guide.

72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline

While ecommerce is growing at an exponential rate, in-store shopping isn’t going anywhere. Pinterest is five times better at driving in-store sales than any other platform and 72 percent of Pinterest users use the site to research and decide what to buy when they make an in-person purchase.
Make sure Pinterest users are seeing and noticing your Pins while they’re conducting this research. Create Promoted Pins with product information, benefits, and problem-solving abilities to connect with shoppers at both an online and in-store level. AsPinterest shares, Promoted Pins help brands:
  • Increase awareness
  • Boost favorability
  • Shift perceptions
  • Get people to buy

83% of Pinterest users would rather follow a brand than a celebrity

One of the key reasons businesses should be on Pinterest is audience receptibility. Because Pinterest is so often used as a platform for browsing and shopping, users are open to marketing efforts. In fact, that’s what many of them are there for.
According to Pinterest, “When asked who they would rather follow—their favorite brand or celebrity—83 percent of people said they would prefer to follow the former.”
It’s hard to try and sell something to an unwilling audience, which makes Pinterest’s marketing-receptive audience is a boon for brands. However, this doesn’t mean you can stop putting in the effort. Continue creating quality content that adds value to your audience’s feed—and reap the rewards.

Over 5% of all referral traffic to websites comes from Pinterest

It’s no secret—Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic to websites. While five percent might not seem impressive on first glance, consider how much web traffic occurs over the course of any given day. For five percent of that to be from Pinterest alone is huge.
Pinterest explains: “This is second only to Facebook, which drives almost 25 percent of all referral traffic on the web. Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Google+ each refer less than a one percent share of the market.” As a great example of this, Pinterest is the second highest source of social media traffic to Shopify stores.

Active Pinners have a 9% higher average income than non-users

Pinterest users are valuable to your business for a number of reasons. One of the most enticing might be their incomes. On average, active Pinterest users have an income that is nine percent higher than non-users.
This highly sought-after group of users can be reached for a much lower cost than was previously possible with traditional advertising budgets. Active Pinterest users share that they spend less time consuming traditional media like TV, magazine, and catalogs. This means you have a greater chance of catching their attention—and making them a customer—by being present on Pinterest.

Pinterest ad statistics

Those who interact with a Promoted Pin spend 7x morethan others

Promoted Pins are Pinterest’s clever answer to traditional marketing. They look like regular Pinterest content, but rather than ‘tricking’ the audience, Promoted Pins actually offer valuable information—which is probably why they’re so successful with driving sales. As Pinterest explains, “Pinners are people actively trying to discover and save ideas—and they need your brand’s products and services to bring those ideas to life.”
Running Promoted Pins allows you to reach the most relevant audience possible. APinterest study compared users who’ve seen Promoted Pins to those who haven’t, and found that those who saw them had 40 percent more awareness of new products and 50 percent higher intent to purchase.
If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website (and who isn’t?) you can run atraffic campaign with Promoted Pins. With a traffic campaign, you pay only when users click on your brand’s Promoted Pin to visit your website. This lets you easily reach relevant users when they’re looking to take action.

70% of sales due to Promoted Pins are from new customers

Pinterest users are not typically searching for specific brands—they’re looking for ideas. If you can show them ways that your product fits into these ideas, you will undoubtedly find success. By using Promoted Pins, you can make sure your brand appears in relevant search results and reaches new customers.
With 70 percent of sales coming from brand new customers, it’s no question that Pinterest is not only a powerful sales tool, but an invaluable way to boost brand awareness.
Now that you’re armed with the stats you need to know to develop a killer Pinterest strategy, it’s time to execute on it. Use Tailwind for Hootsuite to create new Pins, schedule drafts for later, or Pin to multiple boards at once.

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